Our objective is to become part of your professional team of representatives by providing high quality strategies, benefit design, rate negotiation, plan implementation, and problem solving. Our extensive experience with clients in a variety of industries allows us to help drive your planning process while aligning your long-range benefit planning with company goals.

Long Range Planning

  • Cammon Company assists you in developing long-range objectives.
  • We create new strategies for traditional problems.
  • We keep you up-to-date with new products and trends.
  • We provide hands-on skills in plan implementation and modification.

Plan Design and Rate Negotiation

  • Cammon Company helps you balance your goals, benefit needs, and budget to establish the best strategy for your company.
  • We assess alignment of current plan designs with long range goals.
  • We establish strategies to help ensure goals are accomplished.
  • We help you evaluate appropriateness of alternative funding arrangements such as fully-insured, self-funding, minimum premium, Administrative Services Only (ASO), and Medical Savings Accounts (MSA).
  • We design a plan that meets benefit needs and budget goals.
  • We help you maximize your negotiation power.
  • We analyze bid responses, claims data, and report findings.
  • We negotiate renewal rates with carriers including retention, trend projections and reserves.
  • We present market evaluation and make recommendations.
  • We consider plan design alternatives and potential premium savings versus employee exposure.
  • We establish implementation timetables for proposed changes.

Day to Day Administrative Services

  • Cammon Company assists you and/or your employees with questions or challenges with any claims.
  • We provide ongoing assistance with billing errors, enrollment cards, late enrollees, etc.
  • We help you reassess the appropriateness and efficiency of the plan design.
  • We obtain Schedule A’s for the 5500 filings from carriers in a timely manner.
  • We assist with any miscellaneous administrative issues that arise.

Employee Communication

  • Cammon Company answers your employees’ specific questions in a timely manner and with clear language.
  • We manage annual open enrollments of group insurance plans.
  • We design, produce or provide employee communications materials such as payroll stuffers or benefit outlines.
  • We evaluate and coordinate enrollment of HMOs, PPOs, etc.

Legislative Issues*

  • Cammon Company can assist you in complying with state and federal requirements regarding ADA, COBRA, TEFRA, ERISA, and HIPAA.
  • We keep you updated on pending federal, state, and local legislative issues.

Areas of Focus

  • Medical
  • Dental and Voluntary Dental
  • Vision and Voluntary Vision
  • Group or Individual
  • Voluntary or Employer Provided
  • Long-term disability (LTD), employer-provided or voluntary
  • Short-term disability (STD), employer-provided or voluntary
  • Individual disability, employer-provided or voluntary
  • Premium only or full flex plan
  • Life and AD&D, employer-provided or voluntary
  • Group Universal Life

* The Cammon Company, Equitable Advisors, and Equitable Network do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult with your legal counsel regarding your particular circumstances.

Funding Alternatives

We explore a variety of funding mechanisms for you, including:

  • Fully-Insured
  • Minimum Premium
  • Self-Insured
  • Employer Provided, Contributory and Voluntary Plans

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Jeff J. Davis
Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits